Building Your Wealth

Do you spend more time applying to large banks and wait months and months for an approval? Have you ever lost a deal due to your inability to obtain quick funding?

Let’s be realistic here. We have all been there. We offer private money loans to investors who need cash now. With the right collateral we can help you finance your next project.

Why US?

  • Highly Customized Loan Structures
  • 100% In-House White Glove Service
  • Non-Recourse Options Available
  • Better than a Bank
  • Responsible Lender, Not Loan to Own
  • Fast Closings
  • Approval Process
  • Simple Draw Process
  • Collateral Based Lending
Purchase Transaction for Non RehabPurchase Transaction RehabRefinance cash out transaction (Proceeds for business use)Refinance Cash Out to do rehab of subject property
Property TypeNon-owner Occupied OnlyNon-owner Occupied OnlyNon-owner Occupied OnlyNon-owner Occupied Only
Loan Amount$40,000 —
$40,000 —
$40,000 —
$40,000 —
Max Initial Loan to Acquisition Cost (based on experience)85%85%85%85%
Maximum LTV65% ARV65% ARV65% ARV65% ARV
Loan Term6-12 Months6-12 Months6-12 Months6-12 Months
Interest Rate9-18 %9-18 %9-18 %9-18 %
Point2-6 Point2-6 Point2-6 Point2-6 Point
Lien Position1st lien position Only1st lien position Only1st Listen Position Only1st lien position Only
Credit ScoreNo RequirementNo RequirementNo RequirementNo Requirement